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At Changing Planet Justice, we know that every voice deserves to be heard. We want to amplify diverse voices from around the globe. Share how climate change is impacting your community by submitting your story to the CPJ journal.

Submission guidelines:

How: Use this form to submit your climate story for consideration the Changing Planet Justice website, and promoted on Instagram. You can submit news articles, art, photography, poetry, short fiction, or personal narratives, as long as your piece answers the question, “How is climate change impacting you or your community?” 

Submissions are open for review in the following categories:

Prose: 500 word max

Poetry: Up to 3 poems at a time, max. 20 lines per poem

Interviews and reviews: Q&A format

Art: max. 3 images in JPG, JPEG, or PDF format

Below are some guidelines to help you develop your story.

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