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Climate Ambassadors: use these customizable planning tools to develop your Climate Leadership project!

Plan out your own project to become a certified Climate Ambassador (our most advanced Climate Leadership level). Attend a Climate Leadership Workshop to learn how. We'll guide you through the steps of developing a Climate Leadership action plan and implementing it in your community. Send us an image of a completed planning guide to receive personalized feedback on your project.

Step 1: Discover Your Climate Leadership Superpower!

Colorful Pastel Childish Handmade Scheme Concept Mind Map Graph.jpg

Identify where your passion, skills, and community needs intersect. 

Step 3: Take Action!

Minimal and Elegant Project Planner Template-2.png

Plan out your Climate Leadership project. Attend a Climate Leadership Workshop to learn how. 

Step 2: Find Your Mission

White Blue Bold Simple Project Planner-2.png

Identify an environmental issue and possible solutions in your community.

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