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How did colonialism contribute to the current challenges of food security and climate change?
What is the primary driver of food insecurity in the context of climate change?
What is the concept of "climate colonialism"?
How does climate change impact indigenous food systems?
What is the relationship between historical colonial practices and climate change?
How does climate change impact food security?
What is the concept of "food sovereignty"?
What is "climate justice?"
Who is eligible to be a climate activist?
Climate change affects only urban areas, leaving rural communities unaffected.
Indigenous knowledge of land management practices is irrelevant in addressing climate change and food security.
Climate change can lead to altered precipitation patterns, affecting agricultural productivity.
Food security is solely determined by the quantity of food produced and available.
Unlike monoculture crops, biodiverse agriculture sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.

Match the following terms to their correct definitions:

  • 1) Food Security

  • 2) Climate Justice

  • 3) Agroforestry

  • 4) Resource Exploitation

  • 5) Subsistence Farming

A. Sustainable farming practices that mimic natural ecosystems.

B. The equitable distribution of resources and benefits in responding to climate change.

C. Growing food primarily to meet one's own family's needs.

D. Ensuring that all people have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.

E. Extracting resources, often without regard for long-term consequences.

Choose 3 of the following questions to answer in 3-4 sentences:


1)How can the loss of biodiversity due to climate change impact food security?​


2)Explain how climate change can lead to conflicts over natural resources and exacerbate food security challenges.


3)Describe the term "climate refugees" and how it is linked to both climate change and colonialism.


4)How can investment in sustainable agricultural practices contribute to addressing climate change and food security simultaneously?


5)Provide an example of a policy that supports indigenous land rights and its potential impact on food security.


6)How does deforestation contribute to the dual challenge of climate change and food security?

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