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Virtual Art Exhibit

Dear subscribers, I am honored to be co-curator of the "Visions of Resilience: Art for Climate Justice" exhibit at Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria, VA.

The exhibit is open to the public from now until January 27. Since the CPJ community is scattered around the world, we want to bring the exhibit to you.

For the next month, I will post the artists' work and accompanying climate statements on the CPJ blog. Please share these posts with the wider community as a reminder that we are in this together!

As always, youth around the world are invited to submit artwork, poetry, news, and reflections on the impact of climate change on their lives, loved ones, and marginalized communities. Please consider becoming a certified Climate Leader in your community! 

Our first featured piece: The Eye of Summer

(recycled magazine collage)

Celia Chadwick

A clean earth for generations to come of all species. It seems bleak but I think science and compassion for the earth and its inhabitants are the answer.

--Artist: Celia Chadwick, Instagram: @celiachadwick

Del Ray Artisans Gallery Hours

Thursday 12-6pm

Friday 12-9pm

Saturday & Sunday 12-6pm

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