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Climate Stories From Around the Globe: Featuring Orli Adamski

CPJ Journal is asking readers from around the globe to describe (in a medium they choose) how climate change is impacting themselves and their community. Congratulations to our fourth featured teen, Orli Adamski!

Orli is 17 and lives in New York City. Her poetry is clever, evocative, and deeply passionate. Each time you read these poems, their meaning evolves.

I believe that if we care at all about this world (its people, animals, nature, places, even things) we must discuss climate change so that we may preserve what we love.

--Orli Adamski

The Horizon Gift

When the sun sets for the last time

It will be a breath of cruel, fresh air.

The moon appears before us

Or, rather, what resembles my moon.

A dozen birds send their last call.

The birds and my imagination

They no longer see what they want to see

They see what they must.

We have taken the sun for granted

And I will do no more.

Cellular Skies

Swamped in darkness

But overwhelmed by artificial light

You squint.

The offensive screens don’t bother you

if you shift your gaze outward and upward.

You're out of the city, you can see the stars:

Each star could have been the sun, you suppose,

in the creation of your universe.

Isn’t it funny.

Missed opportunities, each of them.

Things are so different away from the city.

The stars create the shadows.

The stars light the power lines.

It isn’t funny.

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