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Climate Stories from Around the Globe: Featuring Ethan Snyder

I am a 16 year old junior that lives in Loveland, CO. I speak up about climate change because it's not a problem that one person can solve--it's a problem that everyone needs to work together to figure out how to minimize.

Over the years we have had plenty of water. Suddenly, climate change has been affecting the water supply very heavily. Since moving to a place where I have to pay for water, I have to use less and less of it. This isn't something that we do because of water shortage, but because we try to minimize our water usage. My family has begun to crack down on water waste, while researching the best ways to save more and more water. I practice these strategies and use them daily to reduce my water usage.

Climate change causes a plethora of problems. Climate change is the number one cause of water shortages. As climate change worsens, fresh water sources are dwindling. The little fresh water that remains is more polluted than ever. So how can we mitigate and adapt to the consequences of climate change? Firstly, we must address the loss of clean water. Water is a crucial component of our earth, and every living organism needs it to survive. There is no way for humanity to substitute water if we lose too much of it. Additionally, plants need water to survive, and you can imagine what happens if we don't have any plants. Plants keep the environment healthy and act as a basic building block for almost all life. We need to try to save as much water as possible. One way to conserve water during your daily life is to take shorter showers. A 10-minute shower uses around 25 gallons of water; even taking a minute less in the shower can save over two gallons of water. If we don't do anything to decrease our water intake, the consequences will be disastrous. We are already seeing the impacts of water shortages in vulnerable communities around the globe. There is still a chance that we can solve this problem, but it's going to take everyone to fix it.

Not all hope is lost. Sometime soon, the government will be able to set limits on the daily use of water. This may sound bad, but it forces everyone to use less water. We will not have a water shortage if everyone limits themself on water. While we may not be able to fully stop climate change, if we band together and work hard, we can help limit the effects of climate change to a manageable level.

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