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Art for Climate Justice: Part II

The Visions of Resilience: Art for Climate Justice exhibit, an art show that the CPJ Foundation co-curated with Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria VA, received close to 100 art submissions. Today we are featuring another piece by a high school student that will be displayed in the juried exhibition.

My painting depicts the destruction of both climate change and war. The shattered light bulb represents the broken idea of a ‘healthy’ earth and peace for humankind. I chose to add the Ukrainian colors reflecting brightly on the lightbulb to not only symbolize the small sparkle of hope, but also my support for Ukraine. My painting, while dark with the effects climate change and war has had on our world, hopes to exhibit a glimmer of hope for our future. I believe that if we come together, we can create a healthier and happier planet for later generations.

--Caroline Crowley, age 17, Northern VA


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