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Art for Climate Justice: Maori Ozone Hole

Updated: Jan 8

My piece is "Maori Ozone Hole” (fused glass on brushed metal). Maori are originally from Polynesia, but indigenous to New Zealand. While New Zealand is not in the Antarctic Ozone Hole, which exists, it is seeing the effects of it. My piece is primarily guided by colors Maori use in their art. By manipulating the firing temperatures, I got some interesting popped bubbles. So, while the majority of my pieces are fired to produce smooth surfaces, but increasing the heat, I got the bubbles. Sort of like global warming….  

The Maori are now finding it hard to grow some of their native plants and the fish that are important to the Maori diet are leaving the area.

--Ms. Robin Reid, Artist, Alexandria, VA

Maori Ozone Hole

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