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Art for Climate Justice

Throughout history, visual art has taken on many roles beyond the aesthetic. It serves as a form of resistance, a catalyst for change, a rallying cry, a wake-up call, a source of hope. The old cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words, is only trite because it’s true. Art bridges the gap between words and feelings. Art appeals on a universal basis. It is accessible to individuals of all educational backgrounds, ages, and perspectives. It builds a sense of solidarity that is international in scope. It also has the power to amplify and disseminate the voices that go underrepresented in other mediums of communication. Below is a brilliant piece by a Virginia teen, working at the nexus of art, activism, and climate resilience.


2022, acrylic on particleboard

Beyond the megastorms and wildfires, the gradual, creeping worsening of climate change from year to year means that its impacts are hard to recognize. One day we will wake up and finally compare the state of our planet to that of the past and recognize the necessity of changing our ways, but I fear that by that time, it will be too late.

--Audrey Rentzepis, 17, Northern VA

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